Breaking or Broken: Ang iba’t ibang banat sa Congress Session para sa House Resolution 1109


Heto ang iba’t ibang banat ng ilang pulitiko sa naganap na Congress session para sa HR 1109:

Rep. Baraquel manifested her objection to closing period of debate. Asked why CARP Extension with Reform (CARPER) bill has been set aside in favor of HR 1109.

Rep. Bello iterated colleagues to “respect rules of fair play” by allowing minority and majority to articulate their views. “Was it right that we allowed the leadership to stampede us into this vote?” Representative also stated: “I am internally hyperventilating.”

Rep. Casiño posted “Slowly dying here in Congress” on Facebook.

Rep. Guingona said the aim of this resolution is “for Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to remain in power indefinitely.” Representative also stated: “Now, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is poised to destroy the very heart of our republican system…”

Rep. Joson: “There are very few dissenting voices here… we can only hear the croaking chorus of frogs.”

Rep. Maza asked why there is such a rush to pass HR 1109. “Will the world disappear tomorrow?”

Rep. Ocampo expressed fear that there will be term extensions as a result of Cha-Cha. “This is a project of Malacanang.”

Rep. Palatino: “What we’re about to do is worse than the Hayden Kho scandal.”

Rep. Zamora: “I fear that we may be acting a little too cavalierly in taking this first step toward amending the constitution…”


Muli na namang pilit na pinagsasayaw ng Cha-Cha ang mga Pilipino. Sa pagkakataong ito, nasa kamay nga ba ng mga mambabatas ang pagbabago ng ating Saligang-batas? Ano ba ang pwede mong gawin? Sa mga banat ng ilan sa ating mga pulitiko sa itaas, sa tingin mo, ang isyung ito: BREAKING o BROKEN?

Congress session transcript is broken from here.

Resolution image is broken from here.

9 thoughts on “Breaking or Broken: Ang iba’t ibang banat sa Congress Session para sa House Resolution 1109

  1. nagpapaka-aktibista ka na ulet ah.. heheheh.. cheers to you,monmon!
    yaan mo, pag nagka-time ako, gawa rin ako, pangontra lang. hahahahah
    lolz.. o xa, cge.. till nextym ulet!

    gossip girl (feeling!)

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