Breaking or Broken: NBI focuses on first upload of Kho’s sex videos

MANILA, Philippines – National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) officials disclosed yesterday the probe on the controversial sex video scandal of celebrity surgeon Hayden Kho Jr. and actress Katrina Halili would now focus on a hunt for the people responsible for the posting of the first videos on the Internet.

Head Agent Palmer Mallari, executive officer of the NBI Anti-Fraud and Computer Crimes Division (AFCCD), said investigators are moving to the second phase of the investigation after filing charges of violation of Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act against Kho before the Department of Justice.

Mallari said the NBI would rely on the technical aspect of the case to unmask those behind the initial uploading of the sex videos on the Internet.

He said those who earlier submitted to the NBI probe are not yet off the hook.

“We studied and evaluated the affidavits and there are denials and conflicting statements so we need to go farther – like (go into) the technical aspects. We are focusing on the initial upload. And then we can apply for search warrant,” said Mallari.

The NBI is not ruling out the possibility of including Dr. Vicki Belo as accessory to the complaint after businessman Eric Johnston Chua claimed in his affidavit that he gave the master copy (hard disc) of the sex videos to Belo.

Chua, in his affidavit, said that he has no copies of the sex video any more because he had already deleted it even before the video of Kho and Halili having sex was circulated on the Internet.

With all the denials and conflicting statements of various personalities who were subpoenaed by NBI, the bureau requested a website host based in the United States to help the bureau open the system log that would identify the person or persons behind the initial uploading of the sex video.

Halili had expressed gratitude to the NBI for the filing of violation of Anti-Violence Against Women and Children Act against Kho due to psychological distress, emotional anguish, public ridicule and humiliation the actress suffered in connection with the release of the sex video.

Halili vowed to fight her case until the person or persons behind the uploading of the sex video on the Internet are identified.

“I expressed gratitude to the NBI, Senator Bong Revilla, Gabriela (women’s support group), and friends and supporters now that a case has been filed against Kho,” said Halili.

The bureau entered the second phase of the investigation aimed at identifying the person or persons behind the upload.

“We already asked our counterparts (website host) to help us for the system log of the websites that could be the key to determine who (is/are) behind the upload,” said Mallari.

During the Friday press conference presided over by NBI Director Nestor Mantaring, Halili’s lawyer Raymund Palad said Chua admitted that he was instructed by Belo to copy the sex videos of Kho.

“After copying the sex videos, he gave it to Dr. Belo and was instructed to delete the sex videos in the laptop of Kho. So he has no copy at all and the master copy (hard drive) is in the hands of Belo,” said Palad. (Edu Punay, June 08, 2009).


Ang balita sa pagtutok ng NBI para mahuli ang nagpakalat ng sex video ni Hayden Kho na kapareha ang diumanong sandamakmak na mga babae (at lalake?), BREAKING o BROKEN?

News article is broken from here.

Hayden Kho-Katrina Halili picture is broken from here.

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