Breaking the 500th visitor mark


Thank you so much for breaking your silence and  the 500th visitor mark for this blog.

After almost a week of breaking this new blog concept, I am happy that you have helped me reach 500 visits as of 4:00pm today, June 11, 2009.

The most number of  site visits was recorded last June 9 (Tuesday) with 151, followed by June 10 (Wednesday) and June 8 (Monday) with 125 and 112, respectively.

Rest assured that more issues, whether BREAKING or BROKEN, would be discussed and your opinion, b.t.s. Readers, would definitely count.


Thank you so much, mga Kapamilya, Kaibigan, Ka-Guild, Katropa, Katrabaho, Kaututang-dila, Kabalitaan, Katrina (the Breaking or Broken post regarding the NBI probe on the Hayden Scandal is the most viewed page), and of course, b.t.s Readers!

Figures are broken from here.

Edited 500 Peso bill photo is broken from here.


2 thoughts on “Breaking the 500th visitor mark

  1. didyey, na-goodtime kita… sa totoo lang 5.00 visitors iyan… kaya pang-lima ka sa bumisita… nyaheheheh… dyowk… salamat sa inalay mong *tears*, heheheh… maduga ang opisina mo… naka-firewall ang dotTK? buset mga tao diyan… haha, kapag hindi ubra dun, dumirekta ka na lang sa hehehe… at binabati ka pala ni “biyutipol” marian rivera 🙂

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