Are frats brats?

group“Fraternities, as ideally as possible it could mean, is defined as a group of people sharing common interests and ideals.”

ALONG WITH the country’s political and economic turmoil, TUP-T is facing yet another challenge caused by the so-called brotherhood known to many as fraternities. Fraternities, as ideally as possible it could mean, is defined as a group of people sharing common interests and ideals.

Recently, a conflict between a certain on-school fraternity and a community-based youth group shocked the whole TUP-T community. Violence raged along the Bagong Lipunan Condominium (BLC) area with these groups and it has been a problem since some of these people are students of the ‘Premiere State University of Technology.’

TUP-T officials, even during the times when a TUP student from the main campus died of fraternity hazing, have been on its track to identify students from this campus who are members of this group. Still up to now, the officials are having a hard time to do so due to lack of evidences. Although, a school official recently said he found a copy of a certain fraternity’s constitution.

There have been attempts to recognize this group as an accredited student organization but officials rejected such proposals as it may tarnish the University’s reputation.

There are two options, both with its pros and cons that the administration may do: either they accredit the school-based fraternity or to still reject the tender of this group. If the administration recognizes the formation of such group in the University, part of the accreditation requirements is the list of officers and members. Thus, if there is an occurrence of an unlikely event, they would know who to approach and who to interrogate so as to have unbiased decisions and recommendations.

However, it goes back to the idea that the University would bear such untoward activities if it happens. Or they could refuse the group’s motion and bear the same problems all over again.

This is Xy, breaking the silence.


This article is published on the second term issue for school year 2006-2007 of The Philippine Artisan, the official student publication of the Technological University of the Philippines – Taguig.

Group image is broken from here.

8 thoughts on “Are frats brats?

    • john, thanks for breaking by. nope, hindi ako member ng kahit anong frat. but i have cousins na member. wag na pangalanan. hehehe. kamusta si camille? jk. 😉

  1. naalala ko dati, yung sa mechanical dept, natawa ako sa rule na bawal magsout ng red shirt(o black ba yun?)…coz of the frat na ba frat sa TUPT?

    • heyhey, BLACK yung ipinagbawal. and i believe na hindi pa rin legal ang frats sa tup-t. during that time tinanong ako ni sir pallasigui if ano opinion ko. siyempre sabi ko, gawing legal ang frats para kapag may mga issue eh alam nila kung sino ang kakausapin. hindi yung puro sila speculations. eh siyempre asa naman akong pakikinggan ng OSA ang suggestion ko. hehehe. at least nag-suggest.

      yung RED, sa artisan yun. hahaha. nagsuot ng RED ang mga mag-aaral… MABUHAY! hehehe 🙂

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