Breaking Post: IN and OUT

inouroutSeries 2

The Call Center industry is IN. IN demand for job seekers.

The Semiconductor Manufacturing industry is OUT. Its employees are walking OUT of office.


Agot Isidro is IN. She is INgrid.



Jamby Madrigal is IN. Like Ed Panlilio, she is IN the Presidential Race in 2010.

Jamby Madrigal is OUT. Is she OUT of her mind?


Craig David is IN. He has INsomnia-haa-aah-aa…

Sun Cellular is OUT. Always OUT of coverage area.


Willie Revillame is IN. His mood swings are evidently seen IN Wowowee.

Joey de Leon is OUT. He is OUT to OUTspeak his remarks.


Filipino workers are IN. They are IN demand. Why? Because…

Filipino workers are OUT. OUTstanding.

4 thoughts on “Breaking Post: IN and OUT

  1. i super love this, xy so! nyahaha! *thumbs up*

    pero si cherry pie is NOT INgrid. she is marlene! *toinks* 😛 nyehehe!

    PS: kala ko ba lilipat ka na sa wordpress. 😛 anyway, churi di ako madalas makadalaw, kasi nga friendster blog to di ba? ewan ko ba sa firewall namin. pero ngayon me wireless plan na ko, kaya mas mapapadalas ako dito, hihihi! 😛

  2. deejay, asan yung Cherry Pie? parehas kayang Agot Isidro yun! heheheh… kala mo ha… btw, wordpress ito,, pero naka-forward lang thru .tk heheheh… yung luma ang friendster blog… pero nakapag-migrate na ako to wordpress heheheh 🙂

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