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tuptlogowithsscartisan“…it would simply create an illusion that there is a need to revolutionize the system and policies. AND I DEFY.”

We live in an opinionated world where anyone could bring out his or her opinion and suddenly strike somebody else in a flash. Fortunately I came prepared. I am talking about the recently concluded “Developing Campus Governance” seminar hosted by the newly designated Head of the Office of Student Affairs.

I knew it from the start that there would be a collusion with some other entities not within the bounds of the host office. I was hesitant to come at first. But with all the notions being circulated prior the event, I made a final decision.

There were rumors that the event was actually a set-up to question and raise concerns against the Supreme Student Council, Inc. of our campus. On the other hand, in fact, I found the seminar a venue to enlighten all participants and I came into conclusion that the open forum was very informative though it became an outlet even for non-students, who are raising concerns on student activities, to voice out their angst against the council and other student organizations (where a lot of raised questions where actually already a part of HISTORY). It was a realization that there are really forces in this world that you simply cannot please.

I wouldn’t want to think that it was a psychological battleground to make it appear that there is something wrong with the present SSC system –  in the eyes of freshmen who were present during the event. In the view of a student who does not have any background of what actually happens within the campus and the SSC itself, it would simply create an illusion that there is a need to revolutionize the system and policies. AND I DEFY.

Even the publication was not spared. Questions on the issues being published, the manner of language being used in the blind-item column (yes, the very popular Kalawang Isyu) and opinion sections were raised. When you give an opinion, you can never say you are supporting both the PRO and CON side of any situation. When you give your opinion, you have to make a stand. You have to be objective, but you have to make a stand.

And so I leave a hanging question to tip off the idea that there is a problem with the student government and publication. Who is it that had clashes with Dulaang TUP-T, TUP-T Supreme Student Council, MTICS, Rotaract, and The Philippine Artisan since their existence? Who needs counseling then? I would not want to bring up old issues but it seems some people dwell in the past. It is true that people should look back from their past, but NEVER dwell in it even in the present.

This is now an opportunity to thank the newly-designated OSA Head, Dr. Imelda C. Labrador, for being un-biased during the seminar. She did not release statements that were uncalled for, and acted more of a pacifier which is very respectable for a Key Campus Official. Getting a Guest-Speaker from a reputable institution like Far Eastern University is a great help. However, certain questions were not answered directly. Most answers were based, of course, on policies within a private establishment, which greatly differs from the policies of a State University like TUP. I believe that there will be more seminars after this. And I hope that the next batches continue to learn more and coordinate well with the administration.

It’s time to move forward. It’s time to unite. It’s time to change… FOR THE BETTER. “It’s time to make a difference,” as I quote from Dr. Labrador.

If some portion of the previous Kalawang Isyu articles caused what they called a “domino effect,” then it is suggested that we follow UNIVERSITY POLICIES. Anyway, that is GOOD GOVERNANCE.

This is Xy, breaking the silence.

Post Script: This might be my last piece for the ‘Breaking the Silence’ opinion column. I would like to grab this opportunity to say a massive thank you to all the people who were there to support Artisan, as a whole, in our endeavors to act as students’ advocates and catalysts for change and development in the TUP-Taguig society. To my friends, colleagues, classmates, and understanding professors and faculty, I am praying for you. To the people who are ‘bitter’ in any way or any sense, those who badmouth the publication, those who attack through the lowest level of political thinking, I am praying for you as well. The world is too big for us to scatter and do things our own way. Essentially, the world is also too small for us to mingle and eventually try to be the best buddies. Who knows? Long live free campus press!


This article is published on the third term issue for school year 2007-2008 of The Philippine Artisan, the official student publication of the Technological University of the Philippines – Taguig.

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