Breaking or Broken: Mikey Arroyo to represent Partylist; Drivers and Security Guards cannot make laws (?)

EXCERPT FROM ABS-CBN news. In an interview on “Umagang Kay Ganda,” Commission on Elections (Comelec) Commissioner Nicodemo Ferrer said he does not think a tricycle driver or anyone from the country’s marginalized sectors is capable of drafting laws.

“Can you imagine a tricycle driver being able to draft a law?” Ferrer said.


Who drew the thick line that categorically separates marginal groups of public utility drivers and security guards from people who could draft laws? The provision on allowing Partylist groups to have a seat in the House of Representatives roots down to the idea that marginalized sectors could be well-represented in Congress: to draft resolutions to help alleviate poverty and resolve problems they have encountered being a part of these sectors. Most importantly, it is also a manifestation of the people’s veritable right to suffrage — to vote and be voted upon a public office. 

ABS-CBN news excerpt is broken from here.

Mikey Arroyo photo is broken from here.

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