Welcome Back, #breakingthesilence!

As I now begin to “break” again after a long “break” from the blogging world, let me tell my own story – how I ended up in the land down under from the pearl of the orient.

It started with a witty exchange of chat messages in the office back when I was working somewhere in Taguig City. “Good  to have you in the team!” was the initial greeting where I responded, “Yeah, it would be very nice to be a part of [name of team].” I actually never expected that it would spark the biggest change I have yet encountered.

It was the third of November 2010, just hours before the clock strikes at twelve (then alas! comes my birthday) when I received the big news – an opportunity to work over a distant location away from home. “Think about it over your vacation and let me know. You may have to think long for this.” LONG – I wonder if fifteen minutes can be considered long, as after such period, without even consulting anyone from the family – I said “Yes, I am very much interested.”

It is funny how I remember that several weeks before this opportunity, there was another secondment opportunity to the land known as fragrant harbor. I was indeed frustrated how I wanted it, but was never given to me. It was then when I also remembered the same feeling I had when I did not pass the licensure examination related to my college degree where I studied hard for six years (well apparently not hard enough as I also got active, and more concerned, on running the student publication).

Now as I feel cold waiting for the grilled lamb and potato wedges be cooked in the oven, I look back how my life turned around – indeed a turning point not just for my career but also for personal growth and experience.

And as I have always said, life is not just all about battles but about choosing your battles. Battles not fought are battles not won. Your choice whether to fight or forego a battle depends on your intuition. Risk as they say. In these battles, we have to deal with two kinds of people: friends and mere acquaintances. Never tag people as enemies. Give everyone a chance to become a friend in the future from just being a mere acquaintance in the present.

It is important to remember: “Everything falls into their proper places AT THE RIGHT TIME.” That is also the reason to always stay humble; blessings fall from up above down to the ground.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! – Time is up. Dinner is ready. One final statement: we live in a world where there is a stiff competition everywhere. Competition is good as long as it is kept healthy but the best motivation is to win the game, not to focus on the competition. It is good to be back. Spread the word and break again with me. This is Xy, #breakingthesilence.


I am not a transcriptionist. Statements are not 100% accurate but convey the same message as the actual conversation.

Photo above features the Australian flag as a welcome gift from Mark Zines in the background with Beks, the Bekimon Bear gift from Ate Susan and Dado, and the yet-to-be-named kangaroo I bought in Manly Beach area. Any name suggestions?

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