It’s Not a Fallacy: Nobody’s perfect!


I used to be a seemingly unbreakable person. My designation as the Editor-in-Chief of the student publication demanded it — there should be no signs of weakness that enemies could use against me. I had to be almost perfect in all aspects.

Enemies stood no chance, if I may say. I was able to deflect issues. I was invulnerable — in the outside indeed.

Now that all the student journalism-cum-activism brouhaha is done — I am enjoying this wonderful chance of letting people know my weakness without hesitations that it may be used against me. Well it could be, but who the hell cares?

If there would be one thing I could have changed, it would have been to show my emotions. Nobody is flawless but it is by these flaws that make individuals perfect. Perfection is the acceptance of both your strengths and weaknesses.

How privileged I am now that I can become transparent of what I truly feel at the moment. I am DEEPLY HURT. Whatever the reason is, I will write it once emotion does not cloud up my mind with what I need to write. I am extremely emotional at the moment that I am afraid that what I may write could hurt people I love.

This is Xy, #breakingthesilence.

Note: I intentionally removed any formatting from regular posts. This is not edited. For any grammatical and spelling errors, please bear with me.

3 thoughts on “It’s Not a Fallacy: Nobody’s perfect!

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