Breaking Movie: X-Men First Class

“Mutants, in their very nature, are different so they should not blend in.”

DISCLAIMER: May contain movie spoilers!

I used to think that the movie will be another good vs. evil plot only on ‘first class’ animation and stunts BUT I WAS SO WRONG. The storyline isn’t typical and nothing comes close to the brilliance of the story. Well apparently the only weak spot is the scene where Charles and Erik went to a bar where Wolverine was seen drinking. It was a merely less than 10-second spot for the Australian actor Hugh Jackman.

The movie has shown how Charles and Erik became good friends — almost brothers. And after watching the film, I actually ended up going to Magneto’s side. Well not about plotting to the extinction of the human race, but going into the deeper sense of ‘survival of the fittest.’ Professor X should be a saint.

Magneto’s point is plain and simple. Human are trying to kill them, so why would he allow it to happen.

I now have a different perspective of the X-Men storyline since I was introduced to it on the animation series shown in ABS-CBN every Friday night when I was a kid. First Class on the title actually depicts the very first team of Charles aka Professor X — otherwise, First Class.

Aside from the revelation as to how Professor X and Magneto became allies with differences, there are a lot of answered questions as to why Professor X was in a wheel chair, how Cerebro was conceptualized, Mystique’s good nature (and I never knew she was so close to Professor X before), and some characters not shown on the other X-Men films: Banshee, Havoc, and Beast.

Well it was never explained where they went that caused them not to appear on other X-Men adaptations. But hopefully there would be a sequel to this prequel (like an X-Men First Class II -or- X-Men Second Class -or- X-Men Sophomore or whatever the producers would think of) to explain this.

Mutants, in their very nature, are different so they should not blend in. The movie should have used Lady Gaga’s anthem “Born this Way” as the theme song for this movie.

If I were a mutant and was asked which side I am on — I would definitely be on TEAM MAGNETO. This is Xy, #breakingthesilence.

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