What happened to Negros?

The 2011 Independence Day-released National Anthem of ABS-CBN made its mark — it missed the Negros island.

On 2:06 of the video above, you will notice that the island colored in red on the right of the below picture is not present on the ABS-CBN-produced video (shown on the left).

This could be understandable if they missed a little detail and it is also true that this is not supposed to be a “map” which tourists would use when they visit the country. However, Negros is the fourth largest island of the Philippines. How come it was missed?

Other than the missing Negros island, I still think this is a better video rather than the rival network’s product where you could hear bomb explosions, gun shots, shouting Katipuneros, and other unwanted sounds when I sing the national anthem with pride. This is Xy, #breakingthesilence.

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