Experience: Adelaide [part 1] – Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre

I KNEW it was a good decision. Although my short vacation from the hectic Sydney environment was not enough, I must say that this three-day trip to Adelaide, the fifth largest city in Australia, was surely tiring but fun-filled and literally a pain in the ass (sitting most of the times at the backseat) but very fulfilling in terms of escaping the busy streets of the city.

First thing that shocked me is the 30-minute time difference. It put me onto confusion, although it is actually my Casio wristwatch at fault because I don’t know how to adjust it (well, don’t expect me to blame myself). My aunt, Tita Anne-Anne, and his hubby, Kuya George, welcomed me onto the domestic airport and we went straight home which is less than 15minutes away, to unpack all my stuff and have a Pinoy breakfast. How I loved the longganisa, beef tapa, egg, and the rice! It was totally awesome.

I wouldn’t want to post everything-in-one-go as it would only create a very long post, which is quite dragging for readers. Here’s the first part of the Adelaide wine-tasting adventures:

BAROSSA GOURMET WEEKEND. Yes, the NAB-sponsored Barossa Gourmet Weekend 2011 lived up to its promise to warm your senses. With a less than an hour drive from the city, it offered fabulous food and the famous Australian wines from the region.

Jacob’s Creek Visitor Centre offered an amazing selection of wines for free tasting. Situated along the Barossa Valley Way on Rowland Flat, they also offer a wide range of platters that would match up the cozy drinks.

They also showcased a simplified step-by-step procedures in making wines, as follows:

The judgment: Jacob’s Creek Reserve Barossa Shiraz was the best. It is a mixture of complex flavours of mulberry, plum, chocolate and spice with excellent fruit length. Grapes used for the wine are grown in the Barossa region where the warm days and cool nights allow “optical development of intense flavour and complexity.”

Another great feature on the winery are old car models displayed on the vineyard.

From left to right: 1927 Chevrolet used as the delivery truck in the 1920’s; 1936 Blue Dodge; 1956 Chrysler Royale, purchased by the company in 1980 for a fund-raising event; and 1963 Bedford Truck used as Adelaide delivery truck.


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Haiku tu!

Haiku is a mode of Japanese poetry, the late 19th century revision by Masaoka Shiki of the older hokku, the opening verse of a linked verse form, haikai no renga. The traditional hokku consisted of a pattern of approximately 5, 7, 5.

Here’s my own few Haiku (I read somewhere that Haiku can be used in either singular or plural form):


Unexpected times

I often feel it dripping,

It’s ordinary.


Counting it out loud

My Arithmetic questions,

Answered correctly.


A lovely story…

At first it was what I thought –

I was a monster.

“Fifth of 8th”

Started with a walk

We enjoyed the company,

Ended in a cab.


How silly am I?

Wishing for influenza,

I walked in the rain.


I thought we’d just drink,

’2 bottles’ was your promise.

Then it’s more than that.


Cautiously I glanced

For me you were very snob,

Glad we became close.


Just when I trusted,

You were just like all of them.

You are a loser.


I don’t understand

Where the hell did you come from,

I have to bear you.


An order imposed,

Stay onyour couch; Don’t you leave.

Still I don’t follow.


PS: I admit that I am not good with literary stuff. Errr… Heheh… HAInaKU

This is a REPOST.

Original posting date: June 5, 2009


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