Who I am not: Embracing What You are Not.

“…I would want to try sending a letter to the President asking for a 4WD for my birthday.”

We all get compliments about how ‘lucky’ we are with all the blessings we receive – and worst, to the point that sometimes we could feel people saying within their heads, “I wish I could have a life like yours.” Hold that thought! Several weeks ago I came across Paulo Coelho’s tweet: “Don’t compare your life to others. You have no idea about their sufferings.” True.

People only see you on what you are on the outside for what you are. Thinking what we are not often gives the impression of negativism. Dwelling on what you do not have makes you feel less important in the society.

I have a created a draft of who I am not (of course with some unsolicited comments which you may beg to disagree):

  • I AM NOT A SUPERHERO. Other than the extraordinary innate ability to sleep, I have no special powers.
  • I AM NOT A SAINT. I don’t have a halo for that matter.
  • I AM NOT GENIE. I could not grant three wishes.
  • I AM NOT JOSE RIZAL. But I can write a blog post about my own ‘Life and Works…
  • I AM NOT A FAMOUS CELEBRITY. Though I wish I could have been :).
  • I AM NOT A MACHINE. I may be workaholic but I do get tired at times.
  • I AM NOT OMNIPOTENT. And hopefully not impotent too!
  • I AM NOT INVULNERABLE. I can get hurt, feel pain, undergo depression although I don’t show it most of the time.
  • I AM NOT A POLITICIAN. And never will I want to be one.
  • I AM NOT A CATHOLIC PRIEST. But I would want to try sending a letter to the President asking for a 4WD for my birthday.
  • I AM NOT MANNY PACQUIAO. Ayaw ko siya maging kamukha utang na loob!
  • I AM NOT MIKE ARROYO. It’s hard to make-up another complicated medical condition to escape some hearings.
  • I AM NOT MVP. Though it’s good to have sufficient funding to acquire large corporations.

The list goes on and on but most of all, I AM NOT EXTRAORDINARY but I AM SPECIAL. I have a purpose. My life has a meaning. And I have a path better than the ‘matuwid na daan’ of PNoy.

If I have been given extraordinary blessings, so are you. Others have something that I don’t. We are all unique: created for a special mission. So be thankful of what you are not because by knowing what you are not, you know what you are and what you can do. This is Xy, #breakingthesilence.


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