Haiku tu!

Haiku is a mode of Japanese poetry, the late 19th century revision by Masaoka Shiki of the older hokku, the opening verse of a linked verse form, haikai no renga. The traditional hokku consisted of a pattern of approximately 5, 7, 5.

Here’s my own few Haiku (I read somewhere that Haiku can be used in either singular or plural form):


Unexpected times

I often feel it dripping,

It’s ordinary.


Counting it out loud

My Arithmetic questions,

Answered correctly.


A lovely story…

At first it was what I thought –

I was a monster.

“Fifth of 8th”

Started with a walk

We enjoyed the company,

Ended in a cab.


How silly am I?

Wishing for influenza,

I walked in the rain.


I thought we’d just drink,

’2 bottles’ was your promise.

Then it’s more than that.


Cautiously I glanced

For me you were very snob,

Glad we became close.


Just when I trusted,

You were just like all of them.

You are a loser.


I don’t understand

Where the hell did you come from,

I have to bear you.


An order imposed,

Stay onyour couch; Don’t you leave.

Still I don’t follow.


PS: I admit that I am not good with literary stuff. Errr… Heheh… HAInaKU

This is a REPOST.

Original posting date: June 5, 2009

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