Branding ‘Good morning’

SO A lot of people have been complaining about the “Good morning sa inyo” ad of Nescafe, which appears to be a rip-off of “Good morning, Baltimore” from the hit musical, Hairspray.

To Nescafe fans, serve yourselves by playing the ad over and over thru the below video:

And here is a video clip from Hairspray’s “Good morning, Baltimore”:


For what it’s worth, although I am one of those many people who find the song quite ‘irritating,’ especially when you become a victim of ‘last song syndrome’ (to a point when you find yourself singing the lines loud unknowingly) and when you hear it at every commercial gap, the crew behind this Nescafe advertisement should be applauded. Talk about strong public recall and branding. This is Xy, greeting everyone “Good morning sa inyooooooo” while #breakingthesilence.

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