[Repost] The 26th floor Trafalgar Plaza story

A scam or not?

A scam or not?

3:30pm, June 9 — Tuesday. I received a mobile phone call from a certain person named Ford (+63917-832-6677), saying: “Sir, you are referred by Ms. Shirley dela Cruz, one of the members of my team. I am from a US-based marketing company and we are expanding here in the Philippines.”

Shirley is indeed a former colleague in my previous employer so I taught she might have really recommended me for this so I accepted the conversation when he asked me if it is okay to conduct a brief talk at that moment.

It was a hefty three- to five-minute conversation. He asked if we could meet up on Friday at 6:30pm, and the details would be sent over a text message. At the end of the conversation, I can clearly recall when he said, “Sir, you sound very professional. Are you the type of person who cancels an appointment at the last minute?” I definitely said no.

As if the guy was in a hurry to cut the conversation short so he could send the details on text, I was unable to ask for the name of the company. Immediately after hanging the phone, I sent a text message, asking him for the information.

15 minutes passed. To no avail, I put my “research mode” in progress. As I typed 26th Floor Tra on the Google search engine, a small box appeared which indicated “26th floor Travalgar Plaza.” To my amazement, I had a gut feeling that this is already a scam or perhaps a sort of it.

I browsed through blogs, fora, and sites which actually bewared readers on this incident. Some (and there are a lot of them available, just use 26th floor trafalgar plaza as your search keywords) are as follows:

Pinapapunta ka ba sa 15th floor Octagon Building, san miguel ave, pasig city?

15th Flr Octagon Bldg, 26th Flr Trafalgar Plaza: BEWARE!

How to Detect Misrepresentation in JOBS (Updates)

Beware of the 15th Floor, Octagon Building Scam

A Bigatin Scammer at 15th Floor Octagon Building! BEWARE!

By the way, Ford replied late (more than 30 minutes since I asked for the name of the company) with “Synergy 1 Ventures.” I sent a text message, stating: “If this is related to NuSkin (as a part of Pharmanex), please consider me out of the meeting on Friday.” To which Ford replied an hour later, “Ok, I understand. Thank you and God bless.”

In light of trying to justify the other side, I have reached Shirley through text, asking her if this is a scam or not (since Ford claimed that she is a member of his team), and she confirmed that she works part-time at Pharmanex, stating: “Di noh (Of course not)?! What do you think of me, engot (moron)? Iba ang opinion sa facts, Xy (opinion is different from facts, Xy). Pumunta ka, tignan mo muna bago ka mag-decide (Meet with him first before you decide). Wala namang mawawala sa iyo (there’s nothing to lose).”

NOTICE: Though I have no direct claim of being scammed by Ford or his group, I have decided not to push the meeting through as far as my Google search is concerned. I am not, in any way, confirming that this is actually a scam. I have posted this article to inform readers about this incident — that someone might call you regarding this matter. And if you, by chance, are able to meet with this group, kindly leave your comment.

This is Xy, breaking the silence.


Pharmanex logo is broken from here.

Originally posted 09 June 2009.

49 thoughts on “[Repost] The 26th floor Trafalgar Plaza story

  1. Hello… kua Xy ang ganda ng blog mu… tumatalakay sa national issues which is needed the public to know. at ung natapong gatas mu hahaha talga it reflected so much in you… gogogogo ng bongang bongga,,,, hehehe

  2. hI Dude.
    i think Ford is a very professional and nice guy.
    and i like your article that you just didnt comment that you were being scam cuz you havent seen it first hand. I feel pity for the NU Skin enterprise by the people who prejudge the company and line them to SCAM. the NU Skin products if I may add is a very good items that you will crave for more. I hope all the bloggers are like you who just dont jump in the conclusion until witnessed or being experienced. There are bloggers who dont took the responsibility on what to blog. And Im ashamed of them. while it is true that blogging or wordpress is free, I hope people will use this medium as a gratified freedom of expressionand not to show their incompetence as a writer, they dont even qualified.

    anyway, Im a NUSKIN Distributor. IM not inviting you. But Im earning good stuff from it. I work as full time private professional but NU Skin is a part time. I feel good about it and the endless help they are giving me like trainings for free. I hope I can qualify for trips abroad.

    I dont want to defend NU Skin from what everyone is trying to figure out, but as your friend shirley also said, Im not and i will not allow anyone to SCAM me. your friend is correct too that you should see it first.

    Thanks dude

    • hi rod,

      thanks for dropping by. i believe that there are people out there who would be interested on MLM. what this company should do is to scout for these people. but of course, they should give all the essential information on the first conversation with prospects so that no time would be wasted on both sides.

      it’s just that i am not, in any way, interested on product sales. by the way, i believe what shirley told me that their products are really effective. 😉

  3. hello. i just receive a call from this “US based marketing company” and same with you gnun na ganun nga sinabi nya, but it was not ford SHE was Celina.. i thought its true kasi she mention my friends name. eh since my friend is busy now, she did not reply agad sa message ko. so i decided to check on google then un nga ang daming lumabas. i guess its a big help to research first. thanks for this. at least di ako biktima. 🙂

    • It’s a SCAM. They’re really good sales people promising good returns and easy money.. backed by legitimate products. Problem is you need to shell out unreasonable amount of money and will later realize it’s a pyramid scam.. My friend tried it back in 2009, of course she didn’t get any of those commissions promised..

  4. First of all, for the sake of the people just checking if pharmanex and nuskin are scams… YES THEY ARE SCAMS!!!!


    If it is not a scam, then why can’t you tell the truth at the very beginning when you try to recruit new members?!?!?!

    Why do you have to be vague and say that it is simply a “good opportunity for a US company?” Why can’t you even divulge the company name and what it does?!

    I know so many people who have been tricked into attending these lame presentations under false pretenses.

    I myself have been called a number of times. The last guy to call me, his name was leo. I forgot his last name but it starts with a C. Leo said that the so-called company is looking for part time accounting professionals with bpo experience. The invite presentation was even labeled as an “interview”! What the hell?!?!?! Good thing I know all about these scams in trafalgar and in octagon.

    Wow. Is being an accountant in the bpo industry even relevant?!

    If this is really not scam, then I challenge every freaking member to introduce the company at the very beginning, before making people go to these lousy and pretentious presentations.

    Tell them you are a member of pharmanex or nu skin. Tell them that you are inviting them to be a part of a direct sales team. Tell them that there is a membership fee. Let’s see if you guys are good enough to still be able to make people go to your recruitment areas.

    Lastly rodmagaru, your grammar needs a lot of work.

  5. hi Xy!

    i also recieved a call from a person named jasmine bico. well at first i was excited to answer her call because i’m looking for a job. so i thought the call came from a call center or from any company that offers a job ( with stable salary and benefits). i guess it’s a blessing that the signal was choppy and i didn’t heard her clearly say the exact location. all she said was about the 30k commission. so i search on the web on how to get to their makati office.. then negative feedbacks are on my tips.. just a click away. i’m really intrested on job.. but not selling.. that is the reason why i refuse to work as a seller on a call center.. thanks for opening my mind! god bless!

  6. Hi,

    Thanks for your blog, and google 🙂 Just got a call from them and told me to go to 26th flr trafalgar bldg. i googled it right away and found your post. saved a lot of time and trouble and “inis” .

  7. Why entitle your blog “Beware of 26th Trafalgar”? You make it sound like they are committing a crime or violating something. Based on what you wrote, it doesn’t seem they did anything of that sort. Like what the other who commented said, they are making an honest living out of their products- which happen to be quite good. But I’m not here to defend them. I accept that selling and networking is not for everybody. I’m just pointing out that your title is, at the very least, unfair to “26 Trafalgar”.

    • Well, I’m sure MISREPRESENTATION and DISHONESTY is a crime somewhere in our laws.. unfortunately consumers are poorly protected. And it is unethical at the least. No one deserves to be lied upon specially if it involves their hard earned money.

      These type of companies CAN NOT operate under the same business practices in the US. And they venture out and set up this kind of business practices in poorer countries with loose law enforcements like Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam etc

  8. Hi XY,

    Same thing happened to me. A lady named “Jamaica” called me last Feb.26.. Asking if I can talk to her for a minute..

    Ayun, pumayag ako.. She asked if I am working, and I said yes. On a telecommunications company.She said “That’s great”.

    We talked for about 5 minutes. Sabi nya they were a marketing company based on UTAH. Malaki daw ang income pag kasama sa team nila. She scheduled me for an appointment the other day, that was Friday, 6:30pm.

    Nakakapagtaka lang, wala syang binanggit na company all throughout our conversation. Before saying goodbye, tinanong ko anong company sila. Ang sabi nya, “I’m really in a hurry. Just see you tomorrow”..

    Dun na ako nagtaka..Kinabukasan, nung schedule ng appointment ko, di ako makakapunta. Jamaica called me. Nasa field pa ako. I told her that I will not be able to come. She asked me kung kelan ako pwede. Sabi ko, “Ma’am, you may return call on Wednesday”..Nagulat sya sa sagot ko, na-offend yata. Kasi sabi nya “Wow, boss na boss ah”.. Sabay sabi nya, “sige, I’ll just call you some other time, YOU’RE NOT THAT IMPORTANT”.

    Yan lang po ang experience ko sakanila.

    Thanks for reading

  9. Hi Xy. Fair enough blog.

    I’d like to post a link to others who are looking for answers about Pharmanex and Nu Skin and want answers from someone who has them.


    I’m one of the Executives and have read practically all there is to read in the blogs, both for and against, this business. I hope people get the facts straight and first-hand. The most they would waste is a couple of hours to hear about it. No one’s gonna force anyone to join.

  10. NuSkin is really not a scam. It’s a legit company that is unfortunately being placed in a bad light by some aggressive distributors. Distributors are basically independent of Nu Skin and use their own marketing tactics. I have been a distributor for less than a month and not once have I misrepresented the company by giving it a different name. Their products are really unique and very effective so that we only have to do the demo and we sell them like hotcakes. In 2 weeks time I have actually sold P300k worth of products, although it helps if you know a lot of people with cash to spare and is into taking care of their looks. 🙂

  11. some a**head called me yesterday, forgot the Scamf**k’s name..he told me my resume was forwarded to them by some head hunters and my resume fits the person their looking for the job. he was talking so fast, like he was in a hurry..all i remember hearing was that he was corporate person of a US base company that is expanding fast here in the phil. He mentioned that they were looking for part time/full timers to train people regarding the management of their companies..he insisted that i should meet him asap for the job interview so i could be put on the priority list. he even gave me a schedule for 1pm sat interview without asking..i just yes tru the phone thinking i could cancel the appointment anytime. did the research using the companies name (nu enterprise) and the address they gave me…and that’s what got me here on the forum..they will deciet you with this to good to be true job offer and when you finally meet them, they’ll ask you to shell out some money for a product their offering to re sell and promise you high positions if you meet the company quota..

    WELL F**k THEm

    so to not be a victim of these sh**ty scam im posting the name and add of the company here like what the others did.

    company name: Nu Enterprise/Nu International/Pharmanex

    address: they’ll mention san miguel ave, the ‘white building’, ortigas, building with bdo branch below it…

    what to do: if you ever received a txt or a call from them simply reply ‘F**k you your companies’ a sham!!!” or simply hang up!

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  13. A scam is a dishonest scheme or fraud which Nu Skin a NYSE stock with very favorable
    ratings from Forbes (#5 most trustworthy mid-cap companies) is certainly not. Pharmanex
    is part of the Nu Skin company.

  14. “I put my “research mode” in progress.” and yeas Mr. Xy, my research mode was also activated when someone called on my phone just this afternoon and he asked the same thing.. all of these details that you posted here was so the same, but the difference is that someone named “Beda” is here, btw, is there anything that i can do to cancel this “interview?”

    Without this blog, I might get scammed, or might get fooled by those people. Thank you so much for this! may God Bless you Sir Xy!

    • Hi Amiel, you can always tell them you’re not interested… but if you are a sales person, it’s worth a try… personally, i wouldn’t do well in this kind of business so i politely declined the invitation after knowing the nature of their biz

  15. I’ve got a call from someone with the same story as this one. he mentioned that I was referred by his friend which happens to be my office mate. Scheduled meeting date & place is on Aug 27, 2012, at 6:30pm sa 26th floor trafalgar plaza hv dela costa st salcedo village makati city.

    Based sa mga nabasa ko. NO one tried to go and check the said invitation. Since kakilala ko yung nagrefer and he assured na friend niya tlaga yung GUY na tumawag saken for this job offer. then, there’s no harm in trying. HINDI NAMAN SIGURO AKO PAPATAYIN there diba.. at baka naman madaming offices sa 26th floor. I’ve never been there.

    So magpost ulet ako sa Aug 28 if anong mangyayari. If ever hindi ako makapagpost, syet.. maybe something BAD happens.. *knock on the wood*…

    Wish me LUCK..

  16. and also. the company name was LEAD GLOBAL. not related to those mentioned in different links such is SYNERGY, NU SKIN (hope so!)..

  17. syetness!! NU SKIN nga sya.. may seminar chuchu pero hndi na ako nagpunta since I’m not into MARKETING nga.. yun lang.. take note.. andami nilang pinakilala saken na kung sinu sinung tao with different professions na mas PINILI DAW yung NU SKIN kesa sa mga works nila..

  18. Honestly, there are too much negative blogs about Nu Skin/Pharmanex that even people who actually had been there for the orientation still think that it is a scam. I was a distributor for NuSkin/Pharmanex. I didn’t continue anymore because it took a lot of work and focus. Plus, I am not the patient type. That’s when I realized that it’s not for me.

    All I’m saying is that before we say anything negative, let’s stop and think: is there enough basis for you to say so? Is it objective? If yes, then write away. But if not, please be careful with what you say. These are very, very hardworking people (the business is not for everyone). Maybe some of the “nega” were offended because the NuSkin people did not trust them enough to tell everything over the phone. Well, can you blame them? MLM doesn’t really have the best reputation. Maybe if they did, the rebuttals and refusals are the next thing to be heard. They just want to have that one-hr window to let you see opportunities.

    “Wala nman mawawala”. They won’t take your money. The decision still rests in you. If you give them money, they will give you something to start with. Then, it’s up to you and your team to make everything else work. Just remember, it takes a lot of dedication and focus. Nde yan instant money agad.

    But if you don’t see yourself doing the business, you’re free to just walk away.
    I’m glad I was there. Learned some valuable things about financial management.

  19. If I may add, baka you thought that it was a scam din kasi they said something about earning 30k per month. That was what made me interested initially. But, as with everything else, you have to invest and work hard for it. It’s business–you don’t invest, you don’t get anything.
    Yun cguro deal-breaker for a lot of people, not excluding myself. Hehe. But still I gave it a shot.

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  23. OMG! This unknown company called me 2 weeks ago and scheduled me for interview. Originally last Sept 4 but i didn’t receive the address via SMS from them so I thought they canceled it. After a week, they called again and re-scheduled for me another interview which was today Sept 18, 2013. I tried to google the address and I found these. Hmmm.. Im scared.. =) And i asked for the industry, a person named Argel, said “machines” hmmmm…

  24. I got bumped by this guy a week ago telling me that I look familiar and talk me about the same thing you post. He ask for my number (I usually change the last 4 digits) but I might be so dizzy ***just got out of hell…I mean work l0l*** maybe I gave out my valid number ***haist***. Here’s the msg he sent me a couple of minutes ago:

    “Alden Hernandez here. Our meeting is at GF Trafalgar Plaza H.V. Dela Costa St. Salcedo Village, Makati, at the back of BDO Head Office along Makati Ave tonight, Wednesday, Sept. 25 at 6:30 PM.” (as in today)

    I’m not saying it’s fraud/scam because I’m from sales department so I understand the “tactics/techniques/canned responses etc” in luring potential customer/agent/whatever and he mentioned that it’s not for employment but a business proposal (no commitment yet), somethin’ like that. However, base on what you post, this one ain’t got a bit of my interest c0z i’m dyin’ to get the hell out of sales. I just declined the offer.

    Thanks dude for posting!

  25. I would like to apologize to people who were tricked by nu skin distributors who doesnt know how to effectively market nu skin. They trick people saying its a job interview. they lie to people just so they can bring them to 26th floor trafalgar plaza.

    Yes i just started Nu Skin and guess what, my mentor (upline) didnt charge me anything to join. All i did was look for customers to buy the products and soon enough i was able to have my account activated.

    Some ditributors kasi, they ask you to buy 60k or something worth para daw executive ka na. You buy the position which my team doesnt believe in.

    MLM, is no different than other businesses. SOme people give Nu Skin a bad name. Just because one distributor of Nu Skin is a liar doesnt mean all of us are.

    Its like saying Chowking sucks because ang sama ng food and ng service sa isang branch. That doesnt mean lahat ng Chowking branches masama na.

    There are MLM scams out there unfortuntely nadadamay ang Nu SKin, Herbalife and Amway sa circle na yun.

    Nu Skin works. Nu skin is in a way a franchise.

    The problem with some people, just because hindi na work out yung business scam na agad. Palibhasa MLM/

    How come if i franchise a food cart and it failed people will say “ok lang yan, business is a risk” pero pag MLM nalugi SCAM na agad?

    Choose your MLM companies wisely. Nu Skin was featured in CNN, publicly registered and part of the top 100 companies by BBB in America.

    Forever Living, Herbalife and Amway are Legit also (See im not biased with Nu Skin).

    But i didnt join those companies because i believe in Nu Skin

  26. Reader’s Digest-“super brand” awarded to Nu Skin. This marks another milestone to Nu Skin as the only network marketing company to establish such a high level of branding and market recognition for the products.

  27. It would also be interesting to note that Nu Skin has the largest percentage of Professionals with degrees-56% compared to the industry wide statistics of 23%.

    -Jay Primm, Former V.P., Wall St. Investment Banking Firm.
    -Frank Slavick , McDonalds Corp., Former Owner of 3 McDonalds franchises.
    -Gary Wattenberg, Former CEO, Adolfo Men’s Clothing, Fortune 500 company with $350M  in annual sales.
    -Ron Harbison, MBA, Former Federal Regulator and Practicing CPA.
    -Judy Armijo, Former owner, Largest Independent Auto leasing Co. in Colorado.Gloria Miller, Former President, National Transportation industry Firm.
    -Dr. Ted Edwards. Jr. MD, Physician Emeritus to the U.S. Olympic Cycling Team.
    -Tammy Sin, McDonalds Corp., Former Marketing Director , McDonalds Hong Kong
    -Jack R. Pfeifer, MD. Vascular Surgeon, Director of Research and Chairman at the Department of Surgery, Providence Hospital, Detroit. Adjunct Professor of Health Sciences at Oakland University. Consulting editor: Annals of Vascular Surgery. Board of Directors: North American Society of Phlebotomy and First Alexander Hamilton Life Insurance Company. President: Michigan Vascular Society. Chairman of the committee of Ethics and Professional Standards, North American Society of Phlebotomy. International lecturer on vascular medicine and antioxidants.
    -Hung Tai Wang, Ph.D. former U.S. Government Science researcher, Star Wars project.
    -Marc Barrett, Former President, Landmark Financial Corp., real estate development.
    -Fred Thornley, Former Exec.V.P. Armor All Products Corp.
    -Danny White, Professional Football Player, All Pro, Former Quarterback Dallas Cowboys.
    -Brent Bryson, former owner of 9 Subway franchises in the US.

  28. I just had a phone conversation right now and I heard the same lines stated here from a different person named Dennis. Same scenario, same directive and I took the same action like what you did. Haha. I told him to cancel my appointment as I am not interested to be part of a networking circle. LOL

  29. i just recieved a call like that awhile ago. Thats why i saw this blog. Im really curious awhile ago when the girl called. I really cant understand some words she is saying because sha talks to fast. She also gave me the address of the meeting on monday at trafalgar plaza. I was texting her after the call to send me again the details so I’ll understand her clearly but she didn’t respond anymore. I really think that this is scam or “bogus” just like what my frienda told me awhile ago when i told them about it. Thanks for your post Xy! 🙂

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