“I’m Breaking with XY” — The Entries


Here are the entries uploaded on XY SO Facebook page as of 15 December 2011. The top 4 entries with the most number of “LIKE” hits on Facebook will automatically become winners who could choose among the prizes: FOR ME, FOR THE CHILDREN, FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, or FOR THE COMMUNITY. The game runs until 19 December 2011. Full mechanics can be found here. Please report broken links through comments.


Entry # 1 by Robee Pogi So: “I’m breaking with XY… together with my bestcousin! Kenneth Molano"

 ENTRY # 2

Entry # 2 by Maria Czarina So: "I'm breaking with Xy"

 Entry # 3

Entry # 3 by Ma Krizzia Molano: "I'm breaking with Xy"

 Entry # 4

Entry # 4 by Aleihs G. Arev Ed: "I'm breaking with XY."

 Entry # 5

Entry # 5 by Xylena Bretańa: "I'm breaking with Xy"

 Entry # 6

Entry # 6 by Ronn Cedric So: "I'm breaking with Xy alone!"

Entry # 7

Entry # 7 by Ann Santiago: “I’m breaking with XY.”

Entry # 8

Entry # 8 by Jehn Almadin with Julie Garcia and Chi Colorado: “Find the missing XY.”

Entry # 9

Entry # 9 by Donna Valeza: ”I’m breaking with Xy and I’m dead serious about winning this thing. Nagpatato talaga ako para dito.”


This is Xy, #breakingthesilence.

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