Back to breaking… “It’s Virtual”

And the muse steps in…

Waking up to each morning
Phone lights up before the alarm,
I grab and check for my message or mail
Coming from the one person I wish to wrap with my arm.

Getting up from my messed up bed
The mood brightens up as soon as I’ve read,
That simple but meaningful thoughts
Greeting from the one person I wish I could always be with.

Then I turn on the TV
The sight of colorful scenes and stories
Each with its own flavor and depth
Seeing the person I wish to share both failures and glories.

And my workday starts
The sun is now up, shining and blinding,
Giving off life to all sentient beings
Hoping for the person I wish I could laugh with later in the evening.

Finally the day goes to end
Scheming and dreaming of seeing your beauty,
Dreaming from the one person I wish
To turn this virtual fling to reality.



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Amalayer, Amaladygard, at Amangatao

…Amangatao — who are now being motivated to become citizen journalists — are not just given the power to move our nation but also given the responsibility to move on a positive direction, one that moves towards progress.

A pissed off lady. A lady guard. A “kuya” trying to calm her down. A person who took a video and uploaded it to the Internet for the world to see. And a lot of people dipping themselves into this event. That’s all it would take to make a worldwide trend on Twitter.

Why Amalayer? A play of word on the most pronounced phrase, “I’m a liar?”, throughout the video, where a lady passenger is seen pissed off with a lady security guard on a train station. According to the official statement of the transit’s management, the lady passenger did not go through the standard procedure of having bags checked prior entry for security reasons.

The passenger, insisted however, that the security personnel, whom netizens tagged as ‘Amaladygard’, Amalayer’s nemesis and a wordplay of “I’m a lady guard,” was the first one to be rude when she tried to catch Amalayer’s attention.

This resulted to a whole bunch of online ridicule casted against Amalayer. From grammar, to pronunciation, and up to the point where she invoked her status being an educated person — nothing was spared. The video went viral, along with video spoofs, which I find funny, but looking into Amalayer’s side, has become very demeaning.

Is Amalayer a victim? Definitely. The video does not present the other side — which puts into question: what did Amaladygard do to piss Amalayer in such manner that she had led herself into public humiliation?

We all have our own share of bad days or even blown out of proportion reactions. Lucky for most of us, no man has caught it on video and uploaded it on the web. However, this is a precaution that Amangatao — who are now being motivated to become citizen journalists — are not just given the power to move our nation but also given the responsibility to move on a positive direction, one that moves towards progress.

The ultimate lesson from this Amalayer incident? Simple. Conduct yourself properly in public. I agree she is yet another victim of cyberbullying, yet I see it as a wake up call to all of us — politicians, celebrities, public personalities AND EVEN PRIVATE CITIZENS — we are accountable for our actions, and in this case our reactions, in public.

This is Xy, #breakingthesilence.

P.S. Author intentionally opted not to mention the real name of Amalayer not to make fun of her, but to at least not to make her name more public than it is now. Amangatao is a wordplay of “Ang mga Tao”, or “The People.”

Nomination, Election, and anything about the Nation

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima would not run for the Senate. This affirms her statement in the Impeachment Court during one of the Chief Justice trial days where she said “Hindi ko pa rin po alam. Hindi ko pa po pinaplano ang career ko. [I don’t know. I haven’t planned my career yet.]” when asked by Senator Jinggoy Estrada if she runs for Senate.
The Impeachment Trial has been concluded; Renato Corona has been removed from the position of Chief Justice; Leila de Lima will not run for Senate in the 2013 National Elections. Instead she accepted the nomination for Chief Justice.

The milky way is seen in a moonless night across the mountains surrounding Baranggay Bantey, Tadian town in Mountain Province. Capped: photo by RemZamora for

Rare! The Milky Way has been captured on a photo taken from Mountain Province. It requires a light pollution-free environment to be able to see milky way from a naked eye.
Philippine Comedy King Dolphy is reported to have said “I love you” to long time partner Zsa Zsa Padilla. Dolphy’s son Eric Quizon said his father has showed significant development on his condition with being able to communicate with the family. Communication, however, is limited to lip reading.
Annabelle Rama is relieved now that falsification charges filed by actress Nadia Montenegro were junked by the court.

One year after the punching incident, Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte apologized to the Sheriff when the former punched the latter in the face after squatters have gone wild during a demolition. Thanks to the 2013 National Elections, the sheriff finally got his long-deserved apology.