What’s on your timeline?

We feel unbelievably lucky to be at this time and place – to feel the ground shifting beneath our feet and see the world change in ways we can barely imagine.

Maria Ressa, quoted with the above, spearheads Rappler — “a social news network where stories inspire community engagement and digitally fuelled actions for social change.” It aims to create an online community of citizen reporters to transform journalism and deviate from the norms by allowing people to freely spark ideas, speak their emotions, and interact with the whole world.

This idea gave way to a small-scale, ‘Rappler-like’ community. Details are yet to be known and on-going talks are being finalized. Pushing through with this ‘project’ would surely revolutionize and instigate previous and current student journalists’ plea of MagSULAT. Mag-ULAT. MagMULAT. [Write. Report. Enlighten.].

We live in a world where technology has empowered almost everyone. It doesn’t stereotype people from all walks of life. We are in the digital era where from the poorest of poors to the richest of riches have access to unlimited source of information.

With knowledge comes power; power comes responsibility; responsibility comes action; action comes change. And in this case, SOCIAL CHANGE.

Economic downturn. Endless war against terror. Battle for ancestral domain. Colorful parades and festivals. Political crisis. Social evolution. Even the smallest of things. Whatever sparks your idea matters. What’s on your timeline? SOON.