A Mother defined from a Son’s Perspective…

It is about not giving up NO MATTER HOW HARD THE TIMES ARE.

A mother, simply, is a person given the additional task of nurturing her children. She is a person normally of great patience and inordinate strength to carry through every challenge coming her way, and her children’s in addition.

Being a mother is the most promising career anyone could ever have. It is never financially rewarding but it is indeed the noblest of all professions. This very great responsibility makes it further harder for a mother especially because like anyone, she is only human.

A mother, like everyone else, should choose her friends well. The moment she is badly influenced, it would be hard for every member of her family; for she may think she is always right and may dissent guidance offered by anyone, including those from her children. When she goes with the wrong people, she becomes selfish and eventually rips off the relationship within the family.

Jealous friends are dangerous. They will pull you down with them. They will pit you against your spouse, separate you from you children, and worst, they will spin you off against yourself in favor of their twisted reality they want you in. When they succeed, a mother loses her way from her righteous path of motherhood. And the m-o-t-h-e-r becomes o-t-h-e-r.

A mother supervises her growing children, but she should know the difference between supervising and controlling.

A mother is susceptible to sink into the idea that her children has no right to speak up against her when she is wrong. It is understandable because for many years, she has been used to be the one making decisions for them. But she must be ready for the inevitable — one day her children will speak up or themselves and decide on their own.

A mother is not all-knowing. She learns to accept the undeniable fact that she is not perfect. She should not put into her mind that being a mother gave her the absolute privilege from scrutiny — especially from her children.

Being a mother is not always about a clean house, a tidy kitchen, well-ironed clothes, sanitized toilets, or a perfectly arranged closet. It is about maintaining a very good relationship: to her husband and to her children. It is about not giving up NO MATTER HOW HARD THE TIMES ARE.

A mother is never flawless — she commits mistakes, may succumb to temptations, be selfish at times — but a mother should be humble enough to accept imperfections and realize that she is not any different from an ordinary person who sins. And this humility and realization makes a mother perfect.

Happy Mother’s Day to all imperfectly perfect Mothers in the world. This is Xy, #breakingthesilence