Back to breaking… “It’s Virtual”

And the muse steps in…

Waking up to each morning
Phone lights up before the alarm,
I grab and check for my message or mail
Coming from the one person I wish to wrap with my arm.

Getting up from my messed up bed
The mood brightens up as soon as I’ve read,
That simple but meaningful thoughts
Greeting from the one person I wish I could always be with.

Then I turn on the TV
The sight of colorful scenes and stories
Each with its own flavor and depth
Seeing the person I wish to share both failures and glories.

And my workday starts
The sun is now up, shining and blinding,
Giving off life to all sentient beings
Hoping for the person I wish I could laugh with later in the evening.

Finally the day goes to end
Scheming and dreaming of seeing your beauty,
Dreaming from the one person I wish
To turn this virtual fling to reality.



Image is broken from here.